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Hotfix Package 1 for Microsoft App-V 5.0


Microsoft has released its first hotfix for their Application Virtualization Technology.

The hotfix package addresses several issues and can be obtained directly from microsoft here:

The patch must be applied to the client installation or can be slipstreamed into the original installation.

we will be happy to assist you in any matters if you need technical advises or any support regarding this information.


SPA Team

New DPD Package: Apple iTunes

We are proud to announce the newest software package in our “Direct Package Download” portfolio.


With iPhones establishing as Managers favourite choice of Smartphone we received many inquires from our customers to include this software as part of our direct package downloads.

We are excited to have this product now in our portfolio and and to statisfy our customers requirements.

As always the Ontrext Best Practices apply which includes:

– Deactivated AutoUpdate

– X86 & X64 Release to cover all Operating System needs. (iPhone Drivers)

Your should be able to order your DPD package from your personal SPA Portal Account as from now!

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


SPA Team


New DPD Package: VLC Media Player

We are proud to announce the newest software package in our “Direct Package Download” portfolio.

The increased release cycle caused by recent security Vulnerabilities led to several inquires from customers.

We are excited to have this product now in our portfolio and being able to help our customers to keep their client computers safe.

As always the Ontrex Best Practices apply which includes:

– Deactivated AutoUpdate

– Configurable File Extensions

You should be able to order your DPD package from your personal SPA Portal Account as from now!

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


SPA Team

Ontrex SPA YouTube Channel

We are happy to announce our newest service addition for our customers.

The Ontrex SPA Software Packaging Channel

As from now we are excited to publish free youtube tutorials/casts in several packaging disciplines/tools like AdminStudio, APP-V & Wix.

We will also cover any topics about the recent EOL announcement of Wise Package Studio including but not limited to “Migration to AdminStudio” casts.


SPA Team

Adobe Flash Player 11 now available!

Adobe Flash Player 11 has just been released this morning and is even already available on our DPD Software Portal.

The release higlights are:

  • Stage 3D – a new architecture for hardware accelerated graphics rendering
  • Native x64 Plugin – Use flash in any x64 Browser

As always our DPD package features the following additional features:

  • Auto Update Mechanism disabled
  • 2-In-1 MSI Package, ActiveX & Mozilla Plugin in one Package
The x64 variant is currently released as seperated addon package to the x86 package due to MSI technology limitations. As long as you dont use any native x64 Browser there is no need to install this additional package.
If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
SPA Team

Windows 8 – Rumors and more from around the web

the official release of the developer build version of Windows 8 led to many concerns regarding the future of the “software deployment” as we know it.

This article should help you to address these concerns in a Q&A style:

Whats new in Windows Installer for Windows 8?

Regarding to Bob Arnson ( nothing signifant has changed in the Windows 8 Window Installer Header Files. The only major change seems to be the support of “ARM” as an Architecture Flag.

What is Metro?

Metro is the new ” typography-based design language” (Wikipedia) which will be featured on top of our well known windows desktop. It is basically an UI style & Application Framework which is optimized for Tablet PC’s.

Together with Metro Microsoft is introducing the new “Windows Runtime” which will be used together with those new Metro Style Apps.


Whats is AppX?

AppX is the new deployment/packaging format for Windows 8 Metro Style Apps. AppX Packages can only be deployed by using the Windows Store which will be introduced with Windows 8.

Enterprise Customers however will be able to sideload AppX apps (

Will AppX supersede Windows Installer?

No. AppX can only be used for deploying Metro Style Apps. Windows Installer will stay the primary solution for “classic desktop applications.”

Will there be any packaging software for AppX?

Probably not. Visual Studio 2012 already includes all required tools to produce an AppX Container/Package. Microsoft is trying to simplify the deployment process for metro style apps and did therefore e.g not include any sort of “custom actions” in it. The package creation is part of the development process in Visual Studio.


Whats new in Java Runtime 7

What’s new in Java Runtime 7 – from a Software Packaging or Administrator point of view?

This can be answered quite short: Nothing as been changed, the new version is based on the previous installation technology with the same limitations as know.

Here are the most important details about Java Runtime Environment 7

1. A silent repair is still not supported (uninstall and install has to be done) see our bolg for more details.

2. The previous JRE 6 version will not be uninstalled when installing the new JRE 7 version, but version 7 will be the default runtime

3. The new features of Java 7 or read the change log that can be found in the internet

4. Use ‘java -version’ on a command prompt to display the default JRE version and build

5. At last but not least, this package is available as Direct Package Download, a service from Ontrex SPA. DPDs are fully automated software packages that can be deployed with any software deployment systems.



SPA Blog goes international

The Ontrex SPA Team is proud to announce that our future Blogs will be authored in English as the growing amount of visitors are from international destinations.

This is our first step to provide our technical know how to a wider audience.

We also would like to introduce our offical Ontrex SPA Twitter Account:

Feel free to follow us. we are looking forward to interesting discussions about packaging, software virtualization and other related subjects in the twittersphere.

Yours Sincerely,

Ontrex SPA Team





Wise Package Studio 8 Download

Das Wise Package Studio 8 wurde wie angekündigt am 29. Oktober 2009 veröffentlicht.

Kunden mit einem laufenden ‘Annual Upgrade Protection’ (AUP) können, nach erhalt des Registrierungscodes der per Email zugestellt wird, die neue Version über das Altiris License Management Portal herunterladen.
Es wird ein neuer Lizenzschlüssel benötigt, dieser kann im License Management Portal mit dem neuen Registrierungscode freigeschalten werden.

Für Evaluationzwecke kann eine Trialversion des Wise Package Studio 8  über die Symantec Homepage bezogen werden:

Als langjähriger Wise Produkte Partner und Wise Added Value Reseller können wir bei einer Evaluation oder Upgrade des neuen Wise Package Studio professionelle Dienstleistungen anbieten.

Das Wise Package Studio 8 Getting Started Guide ist eine hilfreiche Dokumentation zur Installation einer Professional Edition im Serverumfeld.

Wise Package Studio 8 Ankündigung

Wise Package Studio geht mit dem nächsten Upgrade in die Runde 8.

Mit Wise Package Studio 8 wird die Unterstützung von Windows 7 gewährleistest sowie die Datenbank Anbindung mit SQL Server 2008 für die Professional Edition bereit gestellt.
Weiter wurden zahlreiche kleinere Bug-Fixes behoben und am SVS Package Editor  sowie am SOE Snapshot wurde die Hand angelegt.

Das Freigabedatum wird mit Ende diesem Monat erwartet womit wir eine ausführliche Liste von den Verbesserungen sowie den Erweiterungen bekannt geben können.
Als langjähriger Wise Value Added Reseller (VAR) können wir Ihnen gerne nähere Auskunft über die neue Version von Wise Package Studio geben.

Unsere Wise Schulung ist bereits auf die neue Version angepasst und wird mit dem Tag der Veröffentlichung mit der neuen Version von Wise Package Studio durchgeführt.