Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 client service fails to start with Symantec PGP Installed

Microsoft has published a new KB article which may be interesting for our customers which may want to plan to use Symantec PGP concurrently with APP-V 4.5.

According to this article the Microsoft APP-V Service wont start as long as an incompatible product is installed.

[01/11/2011 08:12:56:691 INTF ERR] {tid=C10}The Application Virtualization Client service cannot be initialized because it found an incompatible product (PGP Desktop version  No known compatible version exists.

This is for protection purpose because otherwise a BSoD could appear.

The only solution currently available is upgrading to app-v client version 4.6 or higher.

Source: (KB2625501)



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